This site is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.
This site is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.


What is a flare-up in FOP?

FOP flare-ups are sporadic episodes of painful soft tissue swellings that may be mistaken for tumors.

They can be rapidly developing and, in children, typically appear first on the head, neck, and upper back. In infants, they may manifest as scalp lumps. In older children and adults, flare-ups can occur anywhere in the body.

The affected area may be erythematous and warm or hot to the touch and may resolve without treatment.

Flare-Ups in FOP:

  • Areas of painful, soft tissue swellings Often mistaken for tumors
  • Can be rapidly developing
  • Typically first appear in children on the head, neck, and upper back
  • Often manifest as scalp lumps in infancy
  • May be erythematous and warm or hot to the touch Often resolve without treatment
  • May migrate to other sites

Timely identification of flare-ups

  • Identifying if a flare-up is critical to avoid invasive measures that might increase injury and lead to HO
  • Commonly mistaken for tumors, soft tissue swellings often precede HO and may involve many signs and symptoms of inflammation
  • Flare-up may continue for 4-8 weeks or longer with approximately 70% of patients reporting functional loss from a flare-up
  • Consider further evaluation for FOP in patients with a history of these types of swelling.

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