This site is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.
This site is intended for US Healthcare Professionals only.

Prevalence of FOP

The disease is estimated to affect 1.36 persons per million according to an innovative population study in France by Baujat and colleagues.2

Over 800 cases of FOP have been reported worldwide.3

The rarity of FOP may contribute to mistaken or delayed diagnosis, which can exacerbate the condition through use of inappropriate procedures.4

Learn more about identifying FOP, and recognizing the distinct clinical features that should lead to suspicion of the disease.

Genetic Mutations

FOP is caused by dominant gain of function mutation in the gene that encodes for the ALK2 receptor,  BMP-type 1 receptor. Most known cases of FOP are caused by a spontaneous (de novo) mutation, occurring in people with no family history of the disease.5-7


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